Blanket Warming Sizing

Which blanket warmer capacity is right for you? The best way to ensure a continuous supply of warm blankets throughout the day is to put half of the warmer in use, and the other half in reserve. Use warm blankets from one section of the warmer until empty, and then re-stock with cold blankets. Alternate between the two halves of the warmer indefinitely, providing a continuous supply of warm blankets.

But remember that cold blankets need time to warm up and the number of blankets in use must be sufficient to last through this warm up period. Our larger blanket warmers take approximately two hours to warm to 82C (180F). A properly sized warmer should hold enough blankets in half of the warmer for two hours of use.

Calculating which size is right for you

  1. Fold one blanket any way you like, being sure not to compress it.
  2. Measure the width, depth and height of the blanket in inches.
  3. Convert volume to cubic feet:
    W x D x H = Cubic foot volume
       Divide by 1728
  4. How many blankets do you use in a two hour period?
  5. Multiply numbers 3 and 4 to determine the total capacity needed.