Enthermics Medical Systems began in 1980 as a pioneer in the whole body hyperthermia research field with a revolutionary device utilizing a unique, patented warming technology. Used primarily in advanced cancer research, this device eventually led to studies involving trauma patients who developed hypothermia. Through many years of collaboration with leading medical research facilities around the world, Enthermics was able to prove our warming technology was not only safe, but effective in a number of applications.

By the mid 1990’s, this technology was incorporated into multiple designs for warming blankets and eventually irrigation and IV fluids. Our products have been installed in hospitals and clinics worldwide and are designed to maintain precise temperatures of IV fluids, irrigation fluids, as well as heated blankets for pre- and post-operative patient use. A variety of designs were developed to tackle the problems facing many facilities today with patient temperature management and comfort. These designs range from small individual bag warmers to floor-standing stainless steel cabinets for high volume departments and facilities.

ivNow, a modular fluid warmer, automatically detects IV bags placed on the warming cradle and warms product to 40°C in 30 minutes or less. DC Series cabinet blanket and fluid warmers provide dependable, intelligent warmth in an attractive, patient-friendly package. EC Series blanket, fluid and combination warming cabinets are equipped with stainless steel exteriors, casters, rugged bumpers and easy grip handles with magnetic latches. Both DC and EC Series warmers also feature insulated glass windows that allow at a glance inventory control.

Our manufacturing facility is located in the Midwest with 100% of our products hand built in the USA. In keeping with our philosophy of offering the best products with the highest quality, we have been certified with ISO13485:2003 to ensure our customers receive the best warmers on the market today. We are a licensed medical products manufacturing facility with FDA clearance to warm both irrigation and IV fluids. 100% of our products are cycletested before shipment and have been tested to medical UL and CE standards assuring our customers of the quality and performance they have come to expect from Enthermics.