How Enthermics Ensures Top-Tier Product Quality

Healthcare professionals should never have to worry about technology malfunctioning or product break down. On average, U.S. hospitals have 10 to 15 medical devices per patient bed. That means most hospitals have thousands of devices that nurses, and other healthcare professionals rely on for patient care and treatment. With so many moving parts, its abundantly clear that product quality and safety are of utmost importance.

Blanket and Fluid warming cabinets are necessary components to patient comfort, care, and satisfaction. At Enthermics, we understand that all departments and employees impact the quality of our products and services at every touch point. We work through our quality management system to design safe products that work, so healthcare professionals can focus on their patients.

Quality Assurance

All Enthermics units are hand built in the USA and pass quality testing before leaving our manufacturing facility. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team checks each unit then send off for final inspection by our trained Quality Assurance technician.

Prior to leaving our facility, the technicians perform:

  • Electrical safety testing
  • Thermal performance Testing
  • A visual inspection for cosmetic defects and labeling.

The design and QA teams continually monitor AORN guidelines to ensure that Enthermics products meet them, as well. They also provide information to customers, so they understand the instructions and the safety features on both warming cabinets and fluid warmers.

Accountability & Innovation

Quality assurance doesn’t stop and start at the design and QA departments.  Enthermics trains each employee to understand what impacts product quality to ensure safety plays a central role in the company.

Also, Enthermics has an effective corrective action process in the rare instance that quality issues do happen. It allows technicians to determine the cause of the problem and create a solution to resolve it.

Enthermics has been changing the way warming technology works for almost 50 years. The company vision focuses on two words: “What if?” That phrase drives the innovation process and the safety enhancements both.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more about how Enthermics prioritizes safety.