How Nurses Can Save Time & Steps With ivNow


Amid national labor shortages, healthcare workers must look to efficient and convenient care methods to ensure patient comfort and safety while try to mitigate the issue of staff retention. The Enthermics line of products were designed to provide simple, affordable solutions for the busy healthcare worker.

Warm fluids and blankets are among methods to improve patient care and provide optimal health outcomes. Enthermics designed the convenient and complaint ivNow® fluid warmer to meet the needs of both patient and healthcare worker. Intravenous and irrigation fluids are quickly warmed to and maintained at safe temperatures while saving space and staff time. Choose from three configurations to improve processes and patient recovery.

Warm Anywhere

In many cases, healthcare professionals must travel to a distant location from their patient to retrieve warm fluids. By the time the busy nurse or aid returns to their patient, the fluids have already started to cool.

Enthermics designed a compact, efficient, and easily accessible fluid warmer to simplify processes and save healthcare professionals time and steps. The ivNow is easily mobilized or mounted on walls, poles, and countertops in patient rooms, surgery centers, and labor & delivery units. Nurses and aids can provide patients with warm fluids that are always ready to go, never needing to go to other departments or break a sterile O.R. environment.

Safety & Compliance

The joint commission requires that fluid warmers are monitored daily for temperature and inventory management. Enthermics designed the ivNow® to precisely display the actual temperature of every bag of fluids throughout the warming process. In compliance with healthcare regulations and to reduce waste, the warmer records how long each bag has been warmed. The user will be alerted to remove and discard the fluid bag after 15 days of continuous warming (user adjustable from 7-60 days).

Easy to Use

The ivNow has a preset, tamper-proof heating element that quickly warms fluids to meet the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) recommended temperatures and safety practices for IV and irrigation fluids. To activate the unit, simply place the IV bag in the pod and fluids automatically warm up to 104°F in 30 minutes or less. Depending on the size of the bag, the ivNow can provide 25-57 liters of warmed fluid during a 12-hour period.