Cut Down Your Lead Time for Blanket & Fluid Warmers with Enthermics Quick Ship Program

High quality blanket & fluid warmers in 14 days or less!

What is Quick Ship?

Patient warming is crucial to enhance clinical outcomes and ensure a positive patient experience. Enthermics Quick Ship program was designed to have in-stock equipment of our most popular blanket & fluid warmers so healthcare providers never have to go without.

With a wide array of sizes and styles to choose from, you can find a blanket and fluid warmer that fits your space, your budget, and your timeline.

Which units are available for Quick Ship?

Enthermics offers a range of units that can be shipped in 14 days or less to meet your blanket and fluid warming needs.

The ivNow fluid warmers, EC250, EC350 & EC750 Titan Series blanket warmers, DC250 & DC350 Comfort Series blanket warmers, EC250L fluid warmer, EC2060 blanket warmer and EC1350BL & EC1850BL dual cavity combination warmers are among our most popular units available for quick ship.

Please note, availability is on a first come first service basis. To check availability, please contact us or request a quote.

Is Quick Ship right for you?

Quick Ship is a great option for healthcare systems in need of blanket or fluid warming cabinet without the expenses and hassle associated with long lead or standard lead times. If 14 days is too quick or you are purchasing for an upcoming project, you can always request a delivery date on any order. 

Cut down your lead times and eliminate the hassle.

To learn more about Enthermics Quick Ship program, please request a quote or contact us today.