Enhance Patient Care: The Advantages of Point-of-Care Patient Warming

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, point-of-care treatment has remained a constant practice to enhance health outcomes and improve efficiencies. In this blog post, we will explore the numerous benefits of point-of-care treatment and how Enthermics blanket & fluid warming devices are designed with this in mind.  

Infection Prevention

One of the primary advantages of point-of-care patient warming is the significant reduction in the risk of infections. Having warmed fluids and blankets readily available minimizes the need for transport, thereby reducing exposure to harmful viruses. In healthcare environments where infection prevention is paramount, this feature becomes invaluable in maintaining a sterile and safe atmosphere for both healthcare professionals and patients.

Save Time and Money

Time is of the essence in any healthcare setting, and the availability of warmed fluids and blankets at the point-of-care proves to be a time-saving aid. With no special setup costs and the elimination of the need to travel to other departments for supplies, healthcare professionals can focus on providing quality care without unnecessary delays. This not only saves time but also translates to cost savings for healthcare facilities in the long run.

Improve Efficiencies/Save Footsteps

Efficiency is key in healthcare, and point-of-care fluid and blanket warmers contribute significantly to streamlining processes. Healthcare professionals no longer need to leave the room or the operating room to fetch warm fluids or blankets, ensuring that the sterile environment remains uncompromised. This not only improves workflow but also enhances patient satisfaction by guaranteeing the availability of warm fluids and blankets without the risk of heat loss during transport.

Improve Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Meeting regulatory standards is a top priority for healthcare facilities, and compliance with organizations like the Joint Commission (JCAHO) is crucial. Enthermics ivNow and ivNext fluid warmers are equipped with features that aid in compliance. The devices precisely display the actual temperature and monitor the shelf life of each bag, meeting the daily temperature monitoring requirements set by regulatory bodies. The ivNext further enhances compliance by indicating bag readiness through color-coded lighting.

Improve Clinical Outcomes/SSI Reduction

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits is the positive impact on clinical outcomes, specifically in reducing surgical site infections (SSI). Warming fluids at the point of care lowers the risk of peri-operative hypothermia, subsequently reducing the risk of SSIs. Enthermics range of fluid and blanket warmers, available in various sizes, accommodates the diverse needs of healthcare spaces, ensuring every patient receives the warmth required for optimal recovery.

From infection prevention and time savings, to improved regulatory compliance and clinical outcomes, point-of-care patient warming significantly contributes to elevating the standard of patient care. At Enthermics, you can choose from a range of sizes and styles to meet the spatial and critical needs of your healthcare facility.