Introducing Enthermics by Pedigo: What You Need to Know

We are thrilled to announce that Enthermics Medical Systems is now Enthermics by Pedigo.

On June 17th, Pedigo Products, Inc., the leading stainless steel hospital equipment manufacturer, formally announced the acquisition of Enthermics Medical Systems and shared the following personal statement (see complete announcement here).  

“Throughout our longstanding collaboration, Enthermics has consistently demonstrated excellence in the design and manufacturing of patient warming products. Their commitment to innovation, coupled with our shared vision for quality and reliability, has fortified our position as industry leaders in providing state-of-the-art warming solutions. 

As we look to the future, we remain confident in the continued success of Enthermics leveraging their expertise to drive innovation and meet the evolving needs of our customers worldwide.” – Rick R. Pedigo, CEO

Pedigo, a renowned provider of top-tier medical products and devices, has sparked immense excitement with this acquisition. Over many years of collaboration, Enthermics and Pedigo have developed a strong bond, making this acquisition a natural progression in our collective pursuit of excellence.

At Enthermics by Pedigo, our primary goal remains unchanged: to grow and innovate the patient warming industry. By joining forces, we aim to strengthen our ability to create high-quality warming devices that improve the patient and provider experience while preventing perioperative hypothermia.

What does this mean for you, our valued customers?

You can continue to place your trust in Enthermics by Pedigo for all your patient warming needs. Whether you’re placing an order or requesting a quote, you can expect the same level of excellence, efficiency and attention to detail that defines our brand. Explore our full line brochure here to order and continue to enjoy your favorite warming devices.

To ensure a seamless transition, we invite you to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or feedback you may have. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

We are excited to continue our journey with you as Enthermics by Pedigo!